Can I Use a Standard Air Filter 16x20x1 in My HVAC System?

When it comes to air conditioning and HVAC systems, it's essential to use the right size filter for optimal efficiency. Most units require standard-sized filters, but some may need a custom-sized air filter. The thickness of the filter depends on the configuration of the system, and the best practice is to use the thickest possible filter. However, never try to force an air filter to fit in a space it's not designed for.

Pleated filters are one of the most popular styles available today and they improve indoor air quality better than basic fiberglass filters. If you want to protect your system and maximize airflow in your commercial or residential system, EZ Flow filters from AAF Flanders are a great choice. It's important to note that air filtration industry standards make filters measure slightly larger than their groove or frame, so they can easily slide into place without bending or breaking. There are many options for buying air filters conveniently, either online, through your air conditioning company, or in-store. A deeper depth can also improve filter life and efficiency; it also makes it easier for air to enter and exit the filter.

This is why hospitals use a much heavier air conditioning system to clean the air of potentially deadly contaminants and improve indoor air quality. Incorrectly sized air filters can place excessive stress on the air conditioning system, damage it, and increase energy bills. Reducing the thickness by one inch shouldn't be a big problem; for example, you should be able to use a 4-inch filter instead of a 5-inch filter. Colorfil filters, originally created for NASA, help eliminate chemicals and odors at the molecular level, something that normal air filters cannot eliminate. If you live in an older house with a non-standard size air return frame, you may want to use adhesive foam waterproofing tape to slightly increase the dimensions of your favorite filter or order a custom-sized air filter. It's essential to use the right size air filter for your HVAC unit to keep your system running smoothly and take advantage of all the benefits your air filter offers.

A high-quality filter that fits perfectly can keep the air cleaner and healthier, as it does not allow air to bypass the filter and return to indoor air. Changing the boiler or air conditioner filter is a simple task, but it's often hard to remember when to do it. The 4-inch thick air filter has a definite advantage over the 1-unit filter in terms of longevity, airflow, and maximum filtering potential. For common brands of air conditioning systems such as Goodman, Lennox, Trane, Rheem York, Coleman and Carrier, most standard air filter sizes work. To ensure maximum efficiency from your HVAC system and keep your indoor environment healthy and safe, make sure you use the right size filter for your unit. It's important to remember that custom-sized filters may be necessary in some cases; however, never try to force an air filter into a space it's not designed for.